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How it began and how it rolls...

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  • By An Blondeel
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How it began and how it rolls...

The story behind Furrylicious, these cuties involve quite some work :-)

Welcome at the very first blog post on the Furrylicious website!

I'd like to share on how it al begun for me...

As most (if not all) small creative businesses, my passion started as a hobby. I did something, I liked it and I got better at it. 

Soon, my friends and family wanted to order my artist bears and were willing to pay for them. That's when I gave my hobby a real name: Furrylicious! A name referring to all these delicious furry creatures! I just love to see them come to live through my hands. 

I participated in several fairs in Belgium and Holland. Also, my online shops on Tedsby and Etsy grew over the last decade.

Throughout the years, over 300 Furrylicious friends found a new home around the world. I have loyal collectors in Germany, the UK, the USA, Australia, ... I feel blessed my little cuties are displayed at these kind people's homes. 

But selling through external platforms doesn't come cheap, you have to pay fees, commissions, ... And I've always dreamt of owning my own small business. That's why I started Furrylicious as a secondary occupation in April 2022. Next to my full time day job in Sales (Interior Project Design) and my family with 2 young children and a very active husband. It's busy. But it's also very satisfying to see these furry cuties emerge from my own hands. They bring me peace in this ever changing and challenging world. I hope they can also add a smile to your face. 

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Wishing you all the best,

An xXx



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